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Crique richesse naturelle
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Once upon a time, a wealthy father takes his son to the countryside to show him how poor people live.
They spend a few days in the farm of a family that does not have much to offer them.

On their return, the father asks his son:
– Have you enjoy your stay?
– It was a great trip dad!

– Have you seen how poor people live? asks the father again.
– Ah yes ! answers the son.

– So, what did you learn from the trip?

The son replies:
We have only one dog, they have four dogs.
We have a big pool in our garden, and they have a big creek!
We have lanterns in our garden and they have countless stars lighting their nights.
We have a house on a small piece of land, they have abundant fields that go beyond the horizon.
We are protected by huge and strong walls around our property, they bond with each other and surround themselves with friends.
We have to buy food, they cultivate their own food.

The father is speechless.

Finally the son adds, “Dad, thank you so much for showing me who is rich and who is poor.”

Unknown author


The real wealth…

Appreciate what we have, who we are, what we do?

Abundance in nature, the others?



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