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Vegetarian sushi

Sushis végétariens
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Vegetarian sushi…!

A homemade recipe from Asian crusine that you never get tired of!


Ingredients for 30 vegans sushi (4/5 people)

Vegetarian sushis

Vegan sushis

– 5 sheets of Nori
– 5 spinach leaves (or other green leaf)
– 1 or 2 carrots
– 1/2 avocado
– 200g. steamed rice (weight already cooked)
– 1 tasse de vegetable cheese
– 1 cup sprouted seeds
– optional: marinated ginger

Sauces for dipping vegetarian sushi:
– Umébosis, tamari or soya sauce
– Teriyaki sauce



How to make sushi



– Open a sheet of Nori
– Spread a band of rice in the bottom third





Sushi recipe
– Add the other ingredients over






– Moisten the top of Nori leaf (by soaking your fingers in water and rubbing Nori leaf with wet fingers).
-Make a roll and “stick” it on the part of the moistened Nori leaf.

Sushi method

– Cut the roll obtained in 6 with a tooth knife (which cuts well).

The sushi are ready to be tasted dipped in a sauce and accompanied by marinated ginger slices!


What about you? How do you make your vegetarian sushi?

Share your recipes in the comments!



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