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Steamed rice

Riz vapeur
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Steamed rice, a naturally flavored rice rich in nutrients!

Let’s take time to prepare a high quality steamed rice… a home-made recipe to get the better of the rice!

Ingredients for steamed rice

Steamed rice before cooking

Steamed rice before cooking

– 350 g. à 500 g. brown rice, Basmati rice, Thai rice, red rice…!
– and that’s all!

Kitchen utensils used : Steamer





Preparation of steamed rice

The best is to anticipate this recipe the day before to soak the rice in a container filled with water, all night. Soaking cereals and pulses allows them to release enzyme inhibitors that impede digestion, and this dipping makes nutrients more assimilable.

Then throw away the water and rinse the rice several times.

Heat the water in the bottom of your steamer to full steam (the lid must let steam pass).
Once there is a lot of steam, you can put the rice directly into the sieve of the steamer (some grains will pass through the holes but very little in fact …). If you prefer not to lose any grain of rice, choose a narrow-bottomed container so that the holes in the strainer are not all covered and allow steam to pass.

Let steam 30 minutes to obtain a tasty steamed rice!

Steamed rice after cooking

Steamed rice after cooking

To be served with this raw ratatouille!

What about you? What are your tips for getting the most subtle flavors of the rice?

Share them in the comments!



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