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Cream of steamed leek and broccoli!

Velouté poireau brocoli vapeur
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Steamed leek and broccoli… a perfect combination in this velvety homemade recipe!


Delicate fragrances and a creamy texture!!



steamed broccoli cashew– 1 steamed broccoli
– 2 steamed leeks
– 2 steamed red turnips (optional)
– 3 handfuls of cashew nuts dipped for 2 hours, rinsed and drained
– 2 tablespoons umebosis sauce, tamari or soy sauce
– 2 cups water (500 ml.)
– 1 tablespoon spices (columbo and curry)

Kitchen utensils used : SteamerBlender


Cream of steamed leek and broccoli



  • Steam the vegetables (cut in pieces) for 14 minutes
  • Blend all the ingredients






What about you? How do you like steamed broccoli?

Share your healthy and gourmet tips in the comments!




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