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Slow roast chicken

Poulet rôti basse température
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A slow roast chicken?

A chicken roast slowly and gently: that’s how!

I was inspired by the recipe found on this blog and as usual, I simplified while keeping a delightful result!

Preparation for a tasty chicken roasted at low temperature

slow roast chicken

  • Preheat oven to 210°C/410°F,
  • Sprinkle chicken inside and out with water,
  • Dress according to your desire: salt, pepper, herbs …
  • Put in the oven at 210°C/105°F, and lower the temperature at 90°C/ 195°F (once the oven door is closed).

Cooking time according to the chicken’s weight

  • 3 hours for a 1 kg chicken
  • Allow 10 more minutes per 100g. additional
  • or 10 minutes less per 100g. less.
  • On the last 5-10 minutes, put grill position for a more crispy skin.

1kg500 chicken: 3h + 5×10 min = 3h50 including 5-10 minutes in grill position at the end

800g chicken: 3h – 2×10 min = 2h40 including 5-10 minutes in grill position at the end

Try this kind of cooking for maximum flavor without drying the meat!


What about you? Which meat do you cook at low temperature?

Share your recipe in the comments!


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