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Sardines shot glasses with herbs cashew cream

Verrines de sardines crème de cajou
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Sardines shot glasses…full of omega 3 and vitamin D in pretty colored shot glasses!


Fun for the eyes and for the taste buds!


Ingredients for 8 shot glasses

– 8 tablespoons de vegetable cheese
– 8 cherry tomatoes, cut in 2
– 8 pitted green olives
– fresh dill and/or basil

– 60 g. sardines (2 large sardines in oil or natural)
– 4 cherry tomatoes, chopped or cut into small pieces

– 4 pitted black olives
– chives (a few strands for the final decoration)



Bottom layer:

Bottom layer sardines shot glasses

Put one tablespoon of vegetable cheese at the bottom of each glass.
Cut the cherry tomatoes in 2 and place them against the edges of the glass (so that they can be seen outside the glass).
Add the chopped green olive.

Separation layer:

Make a small layer of separation with the basil leaves or dill chopped.

Sardines shot glasses aromatic plants

Top layer:

Stir the sardines and mix them with a few chopped cherry tomatoes.
Add the sardine / tomato mixture to the top of the glass.


Sprinkle with finely chopped chives and add 1/2 black olive per glass to decorate.



Enjoy these sardines shot glasses and share your comments!



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