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A ratatouille like no other!

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A raw ratatouille… homemade raw food!

Marinade vegetables ratatouille


Ingredients for this recipe…

Vegetables ratatouille


2 zucchinis,
2 peppers,
10 dried tomatoes,
3 fresh tomatoes (optional, depending on the season),
1 eggplant (optional),
2 tablespoons oregano,
2 tablespoons teryaki sauce or maple syrup or agave,
1 ou 2 shallots,
2 tablespoons olive oil


Kitchen utensils used: Food dehydrator, Multi vegetables cutter


Marinade ratatouille


Rehydrate the dried tomatoes in water to soften them during the dehydration time of the other vegetables.

Cut the other vegetables into small pieces.
Mix them in a marinade of olive oil, oregano, and teryaki sauce.

Spread the veggies wrapped in marinade on the trays of a dehydrator and dry between 30 minutes and 2 hours (with a first hour at 50°C/122°F, then at 41°C/105°F).

ratatouille before dehydration

Ratatouille before dehydration

Drain rehydrated tomatoes and cut into small pieces.

Mix the rehydrated tomatoes with the dehydrated vegetables.

The raw ratatouille is ready!

after dehydration

After dehydration


To taste at the exit of the dehydrator like a ratatouille or to use in a mixed salad, or with potatoes…

The de onion, garlic or shallot powder blends perfectly well with these little vegetables…

What about you? How do you like your rawtatouille?

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