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A onion garlic shallot powder

Poudre oignon ail échalote : Poudre d'ail
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A dried onion garlic shallot powder to sprinkle all your dishes…


– 3 onions,
– 8 garlic cloves,
– 6 shallots

Kitchen utensils used : Food dehydratorSmall blender

Recommanded use of a food dehydrator for this recipe

Dehydration at very low temperatures (often less than 47°C/ 116°F or better 41°C/105°F) makes it possible to discover new flavors and textures. And most importantly, the foods prepared in this way retain the maximum of their nutrients and can last for a long time.
Simply mince the onions, the cloves of garlic (remove the germ for a better digestion) and the shallots and spread them on the trays in the dehydrator.

Onion garlic shallot powder before dehydrating

Shallot before dehydrating

After one hour inside the dehydrator at 50°C/122°F, the slats or small pieces will benefit from a softer heat (lower the dehydrator at 41°C/105°F) for about 12 hours (depending on type of dehydrator) and dry slowly.

Onion garlic shallot powder : dehydrated shallot

Dehydrated shallot

When dry, use a small blender or chopper to crush them finely.

Onion garlic shallot powder : grinding


You can mix them all, or better, make 3 different powders(onion, garlic and shallots).

The homemade onion garlic shallot powder is ready!

Use of an oven

If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can still make this recipe with your traditional oven. In the same way, spread the strips of onion, garlic and shallot on a baking sheet or dish allowing the air to circulate around. Set your oven at a temperature below 60°C/140°F.
Leave the oven door ajar and cook for approximately 10 hours.

Taste … a small amount because the taste is rather strong!

Very practical: dried onion, garlic or shallot powder is added anywhere to sublimate your salty dishes!

To be sprinkled for example on a delicious coconut pumpkin puree


Onion garlic shallot powder : Shallot powder

Shallot powder

Onion garlic shallot powder : Onion powder

Onion powder



How do you use your onion powder? Share your tasty tips in the comments!





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