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About me…

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About me…




“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

I want to leave a lot of room for what I’m passionate about, what is important to my close relations, and get to the point…!!






  • Passionate about personal development, I like to discover new ideas, new books…

I try to apply the principles that interest me, principles that change life…

Thus, years pass and are not alike… This is what motivates me most!

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”

Robin Sharma


I list in this blog the books that inspire me.


  • Concerned by natural health, I do a lot of research on this vast subject!

The circumstances of my life led me to wonder about the link between diet, lifestyle and health.

I discovered the value of raw food and soft cooking (steaming, low temperature cooking(<100°C/<210°F), dehydration). Since then, I have changed my way of cooking and we are seeing more and more benefits on our health.

I search, test, adapt and invent new recipes…

I collect my recipes on this blog, as well as the cookbooks I consult regularly.

  • Attracted by nature, I like to get to know it.

I take my first steps in permaculture, in my garden and likes to get to know wild plants, edible or not, vegetables and their benefits.


  • Interested in alternative methods of all kinds, I talk about my various tests on this blog.

I launch myself in an educational YouTube channel, with my daughter : to follow on my channel You Tube!

Are you interested in one of these subjects?

Leave a comment on one of our common passions!




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