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Marinated peppers and olives

Poivrons et olives marinés plateau
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Marinated peppers and olives…


As an aperitif, in a mixed salad, accompanied with rice…

Marinated peppers and olives recipe

Marinated peppers recipe


– 3 steamed peppers,
– 15-20 green and black olives,
– 8 garlic cloves,
– 60 ml. olive oil,
– half lemon juice

Kitchen utensils used : SteamerBlender


Marinated steamed peppers

Marinated steamed peppers

  • Cut the peppers in 2 and remove seeds and heart.
  • Place them in the steamer when the water boils, presenting the inside face up, to keep pepper juice and incorporate it into the marinade.
  • Steam for 7 minutes.
  • Let them cool in the steamer without removing the lid.
  • Empty the juice into a jar and remove the skin that comes off relatively easily.
  • Cut the peppers into strips, put them in the jar.
  • Cut the garlic cloves in 2 and squeeze them before putting them inside the jar.
  • Add olives, olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Close the jar tightly and shake it a little so that the marinade can be everywhere.

Marinate for a few days…

Marinated peppers jar

Marinated peppers jar

  • Serve in salad, aperitif or vegetable accompaniment
  • Or mix the peppers in a blender to put them in small glasses, chop some olives to decorate.

What about you? Any ideas for marinated peppers and olives?

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