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How are people?

Comment sont les gens
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At the entrance of a village, an old sage was resting near a well.

A pilgrim who wants to settle in the village arrives. He asks the old man:
«Tell me how the people of your village are. I would like to settle here. Where I was before, people are wicked and slanderers. That’s why I left.»
People are the same here, answers the sage. And the pilgrim passes his way.

A second pilgrim arrives.
«How are the people in your village?» he asks the old sage.
– How were the people you met with up there?
– Very friendly and helpful. I was sad leaving them.
People are the same here.

A young one from the village attended the conversations.
«I don’t understand,» he said to the old sage,«To one you say that people are wicked, to the other one, you say they are good.»
And the sage replys:

« People are like we see them! »

Unknown author


Changing our eyes on the world is changing the world!

Let us see people around us in their best light, concentrating on their good side rather than on their faults, and we shall be surrounded by friendly and nice people!

This change of mindset may first require an effort, but will quickly become a very good habit for all of us!



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