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Fruit kefir

Recette de kéfir figue et citron
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A drink to feast on and do well? Nothing better than kefir!

Spend a few minutes a day to the small grains of tibiscos and they will return it to you a hundredfold in a delicious fruit kefir!


Préparation du kéfir de fruits

Fruit kefir


Preservation of stored grains

Conservation des grains de tibiscos

Preservation of stored grains

Place the grains of tibiscos (organic) in a small glass jar, cover them with non-chlorinated water and add 1 tablespoon whole sugar.
Put the jar in the refrigerator.
The water needs to be changed about every 15 days.
The stored grains are to be fed about 1 times per week per 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Cycle of 3 days to get fruit kefir (classic recipe with lemon and dried figs)



DAY 1 – Preparation

Reemerging figs

Reemerging figs

In a large jar that should only be filled to 80% at the end, put the following ingredients:

  • About 75cl non-chlorinated water
  • 1 tablespoon kefir grains (tibiscos)
  • 2 dried figs cut in 4
  • 2 slices of organic lemon with skin
  • 1 tablespoon whole sugar

Close the jar and leave to marinate 24 hours at room temperature, until the pieces of figs reemerge.

Gas and reemerging figs

Gas and reemerging figs

DAY 2 – Bottling

Use a mechanical closure bottle, a plastic funnel and a plastic strainer (or a vegetable milk bag) to filter the preparation that will have marinated about 24 hours:

Kefir filtration

Kefir filtration

First, pick up figs and lemon slices and press them lightly over the filter.

Pour the preparation into the filter, stopping before the end of the jar, the tibiscos grains usually remain at the bottom and can be easily recovered to join the other grains in stock, or better: reuse them directly to make a new preparation for another bottle of kefir.



Close the bottle hermetically (filled to 80% maximum to leave space for gas) and let it marinate 24h (or 48h for more effervescence) at room temperature.

DAY 3 – Refrigeration and tasting

Your kefir is ready! You can store it in the fridge to make it fresher and more sparkling. Open the bottle carefully before putting it in the fridge, to release a little gas and close it tightly.

Effects on intestinal transit:

After 24-48h, the kefir is rather laxative.

Between 48h and 60h, it regulates the transit.

After 60h, it tends to constipate.

Good tasting!



What about you ? How do you like your kefir?

Share your recipe in the comments!



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