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Fermented sauerkraut… natural probiotics!

Choucroute fermentée bocal
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Fermented sauerkraut… fermentation benefits in jars!


Natural probiotics for intestines and immune system in good health!


Fermented sauerkraut

Ingredients of this recipe for a 50 cl jar:

(Jars with mechanical closure and seal)

  • 250 to 300 g. red cabbage (or green) minced
  • 50 ml. d’hypertonic sea water (marine plasma, quinton water) or salt (10 g. per kilo of minced cabbage)
  • 100 ml. water to bring sea water back to isotonicity*
  • 125 ml. juice from an earlier fermentation (or water if it’s a first fermentation)
  • some red berries
  • 2 cabbage leaves the width of the jar

Kitchen utensils used : a Food processor or a Mandolin slicer, a Juicer


*Bring sea water back to isotonicity means bring water to the same level of salinity as our blood. To do this, dilute 1 volume of hypertonic sea water with 2 volumes of very weakly mineralized spring water (or distilled water).




1-Slice the cabbage with a mandolin or a food processor.


2-Method with a juicer (recommended): Put half of the minced cabbage in the juicer with the full sieve (to crush it and let outjuice).

Mix with the other half of the minced cabbage (Not crushed to keep a part crunchy) and pour into a jar by filling it almost up to the top.


or method without juicer: Crush the minced cabbage with a pestle and pour into a jar by filling it almost up to the top.


3- Mix water and seawater, and add it to the preparation.

4- Add the berries and juice of a previous fermentation.

5- Press with a pestle to remove the air bubbles (if necessary use a knife).

Sauerkraut fermented cabbage leaf

6- Cover the preparation with the cabbage leaves for no contact with the air.

7- Press with a pestle to raise the juice over the cabbage leaf, add water if necessary.

8- Let ferment at least 2 weeks at room temperature (<25°C/77°F).




Delicious with steamed potatoes or mixed salad!



This recipe is inspired by the video Lactofermentons from Thierry Casasnovas regenere.org :



and from the book:


My opinion:
Lacto-fermented sauerkraut to start … and then we want to try everything!

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What kind of side dishes do you serve with this fermented sauerkraut recipe?

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