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Coconut pumpkin puree

Purée Potimarron Coco
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A velvety and creamy coconut pumpkin puree

Ingredients for this homemade steamed puree

Vegetables pumpkin puree

Vegetables for a coconut pumpkin puree

– 1 pumpkin,
– 6-8 carrots (with or without toppings),
– 1 onion or 3 shallots (optional),
– 20 cl. coconut milk
– umebosis * or soy sauce or a pinch of salt
– a little water for a more velvety texture

* Condiment obtained from umebosis plums put in brine

Kitchen utensils used : SteamerBlender


This recipe includes a first part to steam:
Cut into large pieces the potimarron with the skin if organic, and the same for carrots.
Put in the steamer with the onion for 20-25 minutes.

The second part takes place in the blender: the steamed vegetables plunge still warm in the blender, and are accompanied by coconut milk and umebosis.

Coconut pumpkin puree Blender

Coconut pumpkin puree after blending

Depending on the size of the blender, this step is to be carried out several times (use a part of the vegetables and a part of the liquid (coconut milk, water …) each time.
The content of the blender is poured as many times as necessary into another container for the final mixture with the spoon.
The mixture gives a delicious coconut pumpkin puree ready to be tasted.

Velvety coconut pumpkin puree

Velvety coconut pumpkin puree

A variant of this recipe adds a little raw food to increase the nutritional quality of this puree and add another taste: add a raw shallot and a large spinach leaf (or some of the carrot tops) in the blender, in the previous step. You will get a green puree.
Make 2 purees with different colors and tastes, by putting the spinach with only part of the mixture.

The coconut pumpkin puree can be served immediately!

This recipe is even better sprinkled with a poudre d’oignon ail ou échalote

What about you? Do you have healthy and tasty tips for an even better puree recipe?

Share them in the comments!



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