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The big stones in the jar of our life

Les gros cailloux de notre vie
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“One day, an old professor was invited to lecture on the topic of “Efficient Time Management” in front of a group of 15 persons.The old professor was given only one hour to lecture. He told them they were going to conduct an experiment.

From under the table that stood between the professor and the listeners, the professor pulled out a big 4 liters glass jar and gently placed it in front of him. Next, he pulled out about a dozen stones, each the size of a tennis ball, and placed the stones gently, one by one, in the big jar.

When the jar was filled and it was impossible to add one more stone, he slowly lifted his gaze and asked:

“Is the jar full?”
Everyone replied, “Yes”.

He waited a few seconds and added, “Really? Then he bent down again and pulled out a container filled with pebbles from under the table. Carefully, the professor poured the pebbles in and then slightly rattled the jar. The pebbles sliped through the larger stones …, until they settled at the bottom of the jar. The old professor lifted his gaze again to his audience and asked:

“Is the jar full?”
At this point, his brilliant students began to understand his intentions. One of them replied:
” Probably not! ”

“Good!”, replied the old professor. He bent down again, now pulling out a bag of sand from under the table. Carefully, he poured the sand into the jar. The sand filled up the spaces between the stones and the pebbles.
Again, he asked,

“Is the jar full?”

Without hesitation, the entire group replied in unison:

“Good!”, replied the old professor. And as was expected by the students, he took the pitcher of water that was on the table and filled the jar until it was absolutely full. The old professor then lifted his gaze once again to his group and asked:

“What great truth show this experiment?”
With his thoughts on the lecture topic, one of them quickly replied, “This shows that as full as our schedules may appear, if we increase our effort, it is always possible to add more meetings and tasks. ”

“No,” replied the old professor.

“The great truth that tthat we can conclude from this experiment is:
If you don’t put all the big stones in the jar first, you will never be able to put them all in later.”

There was a profound silence, as everyone became aware of the evidence of these words. The old professor then said to them:

“What are the big stones in your life?”

“Your health?” “Your family?” “Your friends?” “Make your dreams come true?” “Doing what you love?” “Learning?” “Fighting for a cause?” “Relaxing?” “Taking time for yourself?” “Or … anything else?”

“What we must remember is the importance of including our BIG STONES first in his life, otherwise we are likely to miss out on life. If we give priority to the smaller things (pebbles, sand), our lives will be filled up with less important things, leaving little or no time for the things in our lives that are most important to us. So, never forget to ask yourself:


What are the Big Stones in my Life?


Then, be sure to put them first in your “Jar of Life”

With a warm wave of his hand, the professor greeted his audience, and slowly walked out of the room.”

Unknown author


Do not spend another day without thinking about the big stones of your life, and keep them quickly a place in your jar!!


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