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A steamed cake chocolate – hazelnuts

Gateau vapeur chocolat noisettes
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steamed cake, smooth and fondant at the same time!

Ingredients for a gourmet homemade dessert!

– 60 g. rice flour and buckwheat,
– 60 g. (2 handfuls) hazelnuts or other crushed walnuts,
– 10 dried dates (crushed with flour to make it easier for the blender),
– 1 egg or 1 tablespoon almond puree,
– 80 g. melted black chocolate (in bain-marie),
– 4 tablespoons hazelnut puree,
– 4 tablespoons water

– grated coconut for presentation (optional)

Kitchen utensils used : SteamerBlender


Preparation of the recipe

Grind the dates, the hazelnuts with a little flour in a blender.
Mix with flour.
Add the egg (or almond puree), then gradually water, and the hazelnut puree.

Chocolate hazelnut steamed cake mixture

Steamed cake mixture before cooking

Finally, add the melted chocolate.

Use small baking molds or a large one that can fit in your steamer and support the heat, and pour the delicious steamed cake!

Leave him in his hammam for 15-20 minutes!

Chocolate hazelnut steamed cake

Chocolate hazelnut steamed cake

To present in verrines: a pleasure for the eyes…!
And to taste hot and fondant: a pleasure for the taste buds…!

If by chance some remains, it’s very good cold…

What about you? How do you like steamed cake?

Share your recipe in the comments!



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